Our Construction Management service overall plans and coordinates your project. Our Construction Management team will take responsibility for the project from beginning to the end and make sure that it is completed properly and efficiently while using the correct items to complete it. Having Construction management plays a huge role in making sure each client gets the final project that they need done in the fashion that they need it to be done. The purpose of Construction Management is to have a team that can aim the project at meeting the client’s requirements. During the process two important factors are kept in mind the cost factor and the functionality of the overall project.

Several different responsibilities are handled by the Construction Management. Among the many things are specifying project objectives and plans, budgeting, scheduling, selecting the best project partners as well as setting the performance requirements to get the task done. Many different operations are implemented through proper coordination and control of planning. Under this portion of the job will also fall the responsibilities of proper coordination and control of design, estimates and making sure the construction is going along smoothly through out the entire process. Sierra Commercial Construction Inc has plenty of experience with Construction Management and can help handle any problems that may arise in the process fast and efficiently. With many years of experience also comes the ability to develop effective communication and mechanism and that’s exactly what Construction Management has to offer to its clients.

We Specialize In:

  • Laboratories, Clean rooms, Medical, GMP Areas, Coolers
  • Banking, Financial Institutions, Private Client Offices
  • Doctors Offices, General Offices, Executive High end offices
  • Warehouse and Industrial
  • Large HVAC Equipment, Cooling Towers, Chillers
  • Oxidizers Installations and Replacements
  • 24/7 Operation Facilities, Night Work
  • Critical timeline Projects
  • Mass Rebranding and Special Projects roll outs
  • Telecommunication Centers and Distribution

Our Core Values:

  • Safety Always
  • Client Oriented
  • Responsive and Transparent
  • Quality Professional Craftsmanship
  • Exceed Expectations

Customer Service Is Our Highest Priority!

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