Our highly skilled project managers and estimators work together to ensure that your project comes together seamlessly. Normally the General Contractor is employed by the client after the architect or engineer has already advised the client of their best options. Sierra Commercial Construction, Inc. is no different in the sense that we will only employ the best and most efficient options to fulfill all of our client’s needs. However, we prefer to work with the architects and engineers to put together the best plan of action for each project. By combining the knowledge and experience of both teams we are able to put together the best design for each of our client’s specific needs. Having a General Contractor that has experience and knowledge is crucial to having a successful project and in turn will ensure that the customer gets exactly what they requested within the time frame that is appropriate for the project at hand.

Project specific documents are given to the General Contractor who will then act as the project manager to coordinate everything. If the project involves a renovation then the project need may change a little and instead of starting off as a project from paper the General Contractor will have to go to the actual work-site and evaluate how to plan the project out. Based upon these findings a fixed price proposal or bid will be submitted or an estimate. Many cost factors will be taken into consideration at this point including things like the cost of labor and the materials required to make this project successful.

Among the contractor documents are the drawings, project manual, addendum, and modifications issued before the proposal or the bidding. The General Contractor will be fully responsible to provide all of the supplies needed on the job site from materials to vehicles which will remove a huge load off of our clients mind.

We Specialize In:

  • Laboratories, Clean rooms, Medical, GMP Areas, Coolers
  • Banking, Financial Institutions, Private Client Offices
  • Doctors Offices, General Offices, Executive High end offices
  • Warehouse and Industrial
  • Large HVAC Equipment, Cooling Towers, Chillers
  • Oxidizers Installations and Replacements
  • 24/7 Operation Facilities, Night Work
  • Critical timeline Projects
  • Mass Rebranding and Special Projects roll outs
  • Telecommunication Centers and Distribution

Our Core Values:

  • Safety Always
  • Client Oriented
  • Responsive and Transparent
  • Quality Professional Craftsmanship
  • Exceed Expectations

Customer Service Is Our Highest Priority!

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